Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama's Historical Ignorance

I will have more to say on President Obama's Inaugural Address later, but I couldn't get past this blatent factual error right at the beginning:

"Forty-four Americans have now taken the presidential oath."

That is incorrect. Forty-three Americans have now taken the presidential oath. Grover Cleveland had two non-consecutive terms and is counted as our 22nd and 24th presidents.

But then, do you really expect Obama and/or his speechwriters to be knowlegeable about this piece of trivia when they and countless Americans are ignorant of so many more important facts of our nation's history?

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Rob Diego said...

One thing you can be sure of...Obama will insist on sacrifice and in order to sacrifice for others you have to have something to sacrifice...which tells you what Obama has in mind. He wants you to love the idea of service to others because it is YOU who will be of service to others. His form of sacrifice, as it is with all socialists, requires that the productive must sacrifice for the sake of the non-productive. This means those who work will be working, not for their own self-interest, but for the sake of those who don't want to work. Doesn't sound so wonderful when you consider that means higher taxes and harder work for the productive, longer hours and less reward. Ask any person to work harder for others and see what you get. No volunteers. All this propaganda about the value of service is nothing more than clever language hiding the real truth: that you are going to be squeezed and you should pretend that you love it.